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Paris 3e 
Paris 3e 
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1er cours offert !
Paris 3e 
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Professional cook formed in the best french schools, proposing dessert on the plate new culinary tendencies/molecular cuisine cooking lessons

Chef Eldar Kabiri will guide you on a three course hands-on cooking class to learn the secrets to make your own gourmet dining experience.
Gastronomy, Technique and Art of Plating in one lesson:
1-The essential mise-en-place
2- The preparation and cooking
3- Plating and presentation of the final dishes
4- Dining with your fellow classmates

Hello the price above (30€) does not include the ingredient cost and neither the kitchen rent. Depends on the dish we are going to cook the ingredients cost and kitchen fee might variously change.

J'enseigne la cuisine du monde, la cuisine asiatique, la confiserie, le food art, la cuisine moléculaire. Pour les niveaux débutant, intermédiaire, avancé, enfants.
Je donne des cours en face à face, chez l'élève.

Expériences de Kabiri

• Consultant for the restaurant Villa dei Fiori in Almaty menu development and team training [2017]
• World’s 50 BEST (2 stars) Restaurant Mugaritz, chef Andoni Aduriz – San Sebastian [3 months]
• World’s 50 BEST (2 stars) Restaurant DOM, chef Alex Atala – Sao Paulo [3 months]
• Restaurant Porte 12, chef Vincent Crépel – PARIS [3 months]
• Commis Restaurant Elmer Paris, chef Simon Horowitz - PARIS [3 months]
• Restaurant Miniatures, chef Yoni Saada – PARIS [3 months]
• Master class in Lodz Poland Culinary School Ashanti: French pastry, Fusion polish and French kitchen, Kitchen demo in English, traditional Kazakh food.
• Private chef – Family Lodz (May 2017-now)
• Private lessons and private dinner in Europe and abroad [from 2015 until now]
• Private Chef and team building workshops in Belgium for European Commission [7 months]
• Menu Next Door – Considered the Star Chef in Brussels
• Invited as Ambassador to launch the start up “Cook to Gather” in Brussels
• GALA dinner for The Hermitage Museum Foundation – Israel [December 2014]

Curriculum Vitae de Kabiri

My connection to culinary is rooted within me. I was born in Kazakhstan in the end of the Soviet times. When I was 15 years old I move to Israel, where I studied engineering. I decided to allocate to the culinary capital of the world, Paris, when I was 21 years old, with an aim to do a Master, but the macarons and the French pastry diverted my aims.
With the support of my dear family, I acquired my vast knowledge at two of the most famous French Culinary Schools: Ferrandi and Cordon Bleu. This opened me various opportunities at the field: I worked in high end gastronomic restaurants; I had the privilege of being part of the multicultural kitchen of Chef Alex Atala in the only two stars restaurant in Brazil and of Andoni Luis Aduriz in the experimental kitchen of Mugaritz, in the Spanish Basque country.
Returning to Europe, I held food workshops in Paris and Brussels. In July I was invited for the First Gastronomic Congress in Almaty, where I gave several sessions of French and international cooking. After all, I worked as a chef consultant for a new restaurant group in Alamaty.

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