The summary


II-The Queensland

A- identity card

B-map of Queensland

C- Regions of Queensland

III-Its capital

IV-The  main sport

V- Activities of Queensland

VI-Its Environment

I-Introduction : the Australia

Australia is thelargest island in the world and also the smallest continent. It is sometimes called the country-continent. It has seven regions: the Western Australia, the Northem territory, The South Australia, The Queensland, the New South, The Victoria and Tasmania. Sydney is the capital of Australia. The Australia has got nineteen millions inhabitants.

We can see a map of Australia and its flag.

II-Description of Queensland

1-identity card of Queensland:

The first population of Queensland was aboriginal and indigenous people but today they don’t exist anymore. In June 2012, Queensland had 4.560.059 (four millions five hundred and sixty thousand fifty-nine) residents.The Queensland was founded in 1824(one hundred and eight thousand twenty-four) by the explorer John Oxel.

The Queensland has an area of 1 852 642 km².(one million eight hundred fifty two thousand six hundred and forty two squared kilometers).

The Gulf Of Carpentaria  in the northwest of Queensland and the Coral Sea in the northeast. The coral reef is located in this sea.  This sea has got islands but they aren't inhabited. The Pacific Ocean is in  the east Coast of Queensland.

Many people live around the capital and their religion is mainly Christian.

The mountBartle Frere is the highest mountain in Queensland. It is twenty-two thousand six hundred meters.

Its capital is Brisbane.

The Queensland is composed of eleven   regions: Far North, North West, Central West, South West, Northern, Mackay, Fitzroy, Wide Bay-Burnett, Brisbane and Moreton.Queensland borders the Torres Strait to the north.

Queensland is in the federation of Australia which was created in 1901. Its government is composed of the queen Elisabeth-II; who is represented like the chief of the state but Queensland is governed by Penelope Wensley. The chief of the government is the prime minister. It's Anna Bligh and the legislative assembly helps her.

2-Map of Queensland:

Queensland is in the north east of Australia. It’s bordered by the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean. It is the second largest state of Australia and it is the third about the population.

The capital of Queensland is Brisbane.The Gulf Of Carpentaria is in the northwest of Queensland and the Coral Sea in the northeast. The coral reef is in this sea.  This sea has got islands but they aren't inhabited. The Pacific Ocean is in the east Coast of Queensland.

We can see five cities, the most important of Queensland are the Capital (Brisbane), Cairns, Mackay, Townsville and Gold Coast.

We can also see the mount Bartle Frere.

III-The Capital

Before British colonization, Brisbane was called '' Mian-jin'' by the tribe Turrbul.

Brisbane is in the region of Brisbane. It is the third largest city of Australia and it’s the political, economic and cultural capital of Queensland. It’s a big city because it has an area of 5 905 km² (five thousand nine hundred five squared kilometer). The mayor of Brisbane is Graham Quirk. It is a very broad and pretty, sympathetic city. The climate is subtropical and there is often a lot of sun. Brisbane has two million inhabitants. They breathe the joy of living in Brisbane and they name their city ‘’Brissie’’. Brisbane has got one international airport (BNE). Brisbane is considered as the door of Queensland. Brisbane is located about 950 km (nine hundred and fifty kilometers) north of Sydney on the Brisbane River; it extends on a plain surrounded by wet hills.

Few kilometers from the city center, we can find botanical gardens and a planetarium.

Brisbane welcomes the largest museum of Australia: ‘the Queensland Gallery of modern art’’.

Traditional houses are on stilts, they have a large veranda and there are high ceilings.

This is the firstState University, the University of Queensland was established in 1909. It was transferred to St. Lucia in 1945, where it remains today. The University of Queensland is ranked among the top 100 universities in various world rankings.

IV-The sport

The Queensland has teams in all national competitions in Australia. It hosts many regional and international sporting events. Sport is very important because it has played a social role for over a hundred years. You can find close to a thousand community sport clubs in Queensland.

The golf:

The Golf is mostly practiced around urbans. The areas have grown considerably since the 1990s thanks to tax refunds offered by governments for the construction of new golf courses.

V-Activities of Queensland

The tourism:  It is sometimes practised in the sea shore in Queensland because there is the Coral Reef but tourists can visit cities too and a tropical forest with a leader in a jeep.

Cairns is the most touristic city because there are a lot of activities in this city.  There are Coral Reef and a tropical forest... There are botanical gardens which have got many tropical plants. The landscape is splendid with mountains, mangrove swamp and aquatic birds.

The touristic activities in Queensland in order to visit the Coral Reef can be:

-scuba diving or snorkeling



-helicopter tour


-feeding the dolphins and swimming with them ...

Next to the sea we can do surfing (to Surfers Paradise)

VI-Its environment

1-The climate:

In the south there is a subtropical and humid climate and in the north there is a tropical climate.

But in the year, the winter is characterized by low temperatures and few of rain. In summer it is raining more.

But don't forget when it's winter in France, it's summer in Australia.

2-Species of the sea:

In Queensland there are lots of aquatic species like dolphins and many colored and exoticed fishs. There are 1500 species of fish around the Coral Reef and 4000 varieties of molluscs, turtles, whales…

The tourist can see these species when they practise diving.


In the Queensland’s forest there are lot of ferns and tropical plants. For example; there is the walnut of Queensland; it products nuts of Queensland and we find it just in Queensland and in Hawaii.

In the forest there are waterfalls too.

4-Animals of the forest:

But in the Queensland’s forest you can find animals too. The famous one is the koala. It is the symbol of Australia and we find it in the forest because it lives in eucalyptus.

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