infinitive Simple past Past partciple traduction
To arise arose Arisen survenir
To be was Were Etre
To bear bore Borne Supporter
To beat beat Beat Battre
To begin began Begun Commencer
To bid Bid/bad Bid/bidden Offrir
To bring brought Brought Apporter
To build built Built Construire
To burn burnt Burnt Brûler
To buy bought Bought Acheter
To bend bent Bent Tourner- se pencher
To bleed Bled Bled saigner
To bite bit Bitten Mordre- Piquer
Can could Been able Pouvoir
To catch caught Caught Capturer
To chide chid Chidden Réprimender
To come came Come Venir
To cost cost Cost Coûter
To creep crept Crept Entrer-sortir à pas de loup
To cut cut Cut Couper
To choose chose Chosen Choisir
To dare Dared/durst Dared Défier
To do did done Faire
To draw drew Drawn Dessiner
To dream dreamt Dreamt Rêver
To drink drank Drunk Boire
To drive Drove Driven Conduire
To eat ate Eaten Manger
To fall fell Fallen Tomber
To feel felt Felt Sentir
To fight fought Fought Se battre
To fly flew Flown Voler
To forbid forbade forbidden Interdire
To freeze froze Frozen Geler
To get got gotten Recevoir
To give gave Given Donner
To go went Gone Aller
To grow grew Grewn Grandir
To hang hung Hung  
To have had Had Avoir
To hear heard Heard Entendre
To heave hove Hove Hisser
To hide hid Hidden Se cacher
To hit hit Hit frapper
To hold held Held Maintenir
To hurt hurt Hurt Blesser
To keep kept Kept Garder
To kneel knelt Knelt S'agenouiller
To know knew Known Savoir
To lay laid Laid Pondre
To lie lay Lain Mentir
To lead led Led Mener-Conduire
To lean leant Leant Appuyer- Pencher
To leap leapt Leapt Bondir- Sauter
To learn learnt Learnt Apprendre
To leave left Left Quitter
To lend lent Lent Prêter
To let let Let Laisser
To light lit Lit Allumer- Enflammer
To lose lost Lost Perdre
To make made Made Préparer
May might //  
To mean meant Meant Signifie
To meet met Met Rencontrer
To pay paid Paid Payer
To put put Put Mettre
To read read Read Lire
To ride rode Ridden Monter
To ring rang Rung Sonner
To rise rose Risen Lever
To say said Said Dire
To see saw Seen Regarder
To sell sold Sold Vendre
To send sent Sent Envoyer
To shake shook Shaken Mélanger
To shoot shot Shot Tirer sur klk
To show showed Shown Montrer
To shut shut Shut Se taire
To sing sang Sung Chanter
To sit sat Sat S'assoir
To sleep slept Slept Dormir
To slide slid Slid  
To speak Spoke  Spoken Parler
To spend spent Spent Passer son temps
To spoil spoilt spoilt Gacher- Gater
To stand stood Stood Se lever-
To steal stole Stolen Voler
To strike struck Struck Frapper
To swear swore Sworn Jurer
To swell swelled Swollen Se gonfler
To swim swam Swum Nager
To shoe shod Shod Ferrer
To slay slew Slain Faire périr
To sew sewed Sewn Coudre
To sow sowed Sown semer
To spread spread Spread Etaler- étendre
To shine shone Shone briller
To seek sought Sought Chercher-demander
To take took Taken Prendre
To tear tore Torn déchirer
To think thought Thought Penser
To teach taught Taught Apprendre à klk
To tell told Told Dire
To throw threw Threwn Lancer
To understand understood Understood Comprendre
To wear wore Worn Porter vêtement
To win won Won Gagner
To weave wove Woven Tisser- tresser
To wake Woke/waked Waked Se réveiller
To weep wept Wept Pleurer
To write wrote written Ecrire
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