Boston : capital and main city of the Massachusetts located in the north-east of the United-States ; is the economic and cultural center of New England ; is a cultural city thanks to her festivals, universities and libraries

Doesn't look like the other american cities: colonial monuments, big pedestrian axis, non geometrical plan ; the city numbers 600 000 habitants and the area ten times more

I) History

 Founded in 1630 by the Pilgrim Fathers

Became the chief-town of the Massachusetts

In the 17th and 18th century, spreads out thanks to her port

Prosperous industrial activities

 Plays a prominent part in the Independence War versus the English

In 1773, Bostonians disguised in Indians of America took hold of a britannic boat and threw its cargo of tea into the water; this episode called the Boston Tea Party is one of the most famous events of the American Revolution

 In the 19th century, the city continues to spread out. The Civil War stimulates the industrial production

Lots of European migrants land, to work

 After First World War, Boston is in crisis because manpower becomes more expensive

But in 1970, Boston knows an economical springtide: the city concentrates on financial, universitary sectors and on the high technologies

 II) University into the service of economy

 Past: economy setting on sea-borne trade then on heavy and textile industry

Now: the industries of high technologies have spread out with research centers and the universities, such as the MIT and Harvard. There is a lot of laboratories bound with pharmaceutical societies

Health, finance and banking activities are the biggest employers

MIT: first university for sciences in the world

Fifty-seven current or former members of the MIT community have won the Nobel Prize.

Harvard: Harvard has the largest financial endowment of any non-profit organization, standing at $34.9 billion as of 2007. Federal government gave 300 millions of dollars of endowment and alumni gave 600 millions of dollars

III)  Culture

There is a lot of film festivals as the Boston film festival which is the most popular in September. The Boston Symphony Orchestra is in the world top 10 . There are also some rock groups well-known in the USA as The Cars. The freedom trail is a red line painted on Boston pavement that leads tourists to main monuments and historic places in the city

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