television opens a window on the world, whereas the internet offers you ’’a way of playing a part wherever you are’’.Discuss in 200 words at least

Réponse de notre équipe pédagogique :
Television is a mass-media, which gives the possibility to anyone to see what is happening anywhere else in the world. It is a wonderful tool to know things better. Almost wherever it was, television brought democracy, because people could know how other people lived and thus consider how badly they lived.

However, television is not a communication tool, because communication means exchange, whereas television only works in one way : from the channel to the spectator. Even though some programs offer the possibility to interact with it (by voting or calling special numbers), it remains very limited.

On the other hand, the essence of the Internet is interaction between people : the Internet is a network of people who make it live : without this interaction, the Internet would die.On many websites, there are forums, chat-rooms where you can communicate with each other, meet people, get involved in causes, etc.

Still, the expression "play a part", also means that the Internet is a place where people lie a lot, especially on chat-rooms : many people are boasting and explaining how great they are.


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