Doris Lessing walking out of the cab, her son is following her...holding an artichoke and onions in his hands. He has been injured (plaster )
Journalists are waiting  to get an interview from the 2007 Literature Nobel Prize!
It is obvious the author and her son  do NOT expect to be this stage.
Do you you think she cares about the Prize?
Make up your own idea here!(dialogue partly written)

Doris Lessing's walking out of the cab: Are you photographing us? (other words )

Journalist: I am photographing you.
You've won the Literature Nobel Prize!

Doris Lessing(putting her bag on the floor):Oh! Christ!
It's been going on for 30 years....

It is the recognition of a life's work

DL to the taxi driver: Thank you!

Journalist: Any kind of remarks!
What does it mean to you?

D L(a bit blasé) I can't get more excited than one gets, you know!

(to the journalists who are in her way)
I want to get on the pavement

What do you think I should say?

(they are asking her about the possibility of an interview)

I've won  every gladdy one  in Europe over the past thirty years, so
I am delighted to win them all.


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