A : Invite B to go
somewhere this weekend.

B :
Politely refuse A's invitation.

A : Call and tell
your boss ( B ) you can't come to work because of illness.

B : You
think A is bluffing ( not really sick ).

A : Ask B to teach
you to play tennis.

B : You
hate coaching for free.

A : Try to get B
to divulge a secret about someone else.

B : Don't
be persuaded to do it.

A : Ask B to give
you a ride home.

B : A's
house is out of the way, and your time is limited.

A : Call and tell
B you can't come to the party on Friday.

B : Try to
get A to come to the party. ( It's a surprise party for him/her. ).

A : Try to get B
to smoke marijuana.

B : You
don't want to use any illegal drugs.

A : Call to order
a pizza.

B : Wrong
number. You sell pitas, not pizzas.

A : Present B with
an unsolicited gift.

B : You do
not feel comfortable accepting the gift.

A : Try to get B
to go on a date with your niece / nephew.

B : You
can't stand A's niece / nephew.

A : You ran over
B's favorite pet with your truck. Apologize to him / her.

B : You are
very upset with the news. The pet is irreplaceable.

A : You lost your
wedding ring. Tell your spouse ( B ).

B : Get
angry with A for losing the ring.


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