The reasons for watching this sort of shows

They're left on their own

They have to live on their own, and get by with what they find on the island

BB was the protagonist of a SF novel entitled "1984" written by Orwell

BB is the dictator : it denunces totalitarism and communist dictatorships

He spies on you 24h/a day

No wonder (pas étonnant) the 1st reality show was called BB because participants were watched

They have no privacy

They're watched all day long

It's a competition since one of them leave the show each week

The viewers takes side with one candidate

Candidates may appear shallow as they are performing a role

It's fate, totally planned

Viewers want to identify to the candidates

The results are known in advance

People are hooked on (accrocher) because they are blinded

Candidates speak out

We want to know what will happen newt even thought it sounds insame producers make money with the commercials

They broadcast on TV


I agree with

I don't agree with

I disagree with

I aprove of

Cheat on


Screenplay : scénario

Ficticious : fictif

The scenes takes place in X

Gone with the mind

A minsiter

Didn't want to be separated

Half caste children taken to be educated

Stolen generation

Their customs were better

To teach them their culture

To be good citizens

To assimilate

To make them obsedient

To convert them

Is painted

It deals with the issue of

It tackles the issue of

I will first talk about a decision of the painting, t then analyse the historical context, finally I will debate on the symbolism of it

The influence is

Message conveyed by the show

Is it relevant ? Pertinent ?

Did it have...

Does it have an influence ?


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