Barack Obama

Hilary Rodham Clinton

John Mac Cain.


Democrate Democrate Republicain

Age-Date of

He was born
on 04.08.1961.

He is 47 years old.

She was
born on 26.10.1947.

She is 60 years old.

He was born
on 29.08.1936.

He is 71 years old.


He married to Michelle and he
leaved in hawaï and NY.
She married to Bill Clinton,
former president of the USA.
He is married to Cindy, and he
has got 7 childrens and 4 grandchildrens.


He has got 2 Daughters ( 6 and 9
years old ). His father is Kenyan, and his mother is american.
She has a daughter : Chelsea. He comes from a family of


He study in Harvard University. She studied at Yale law School. Attented of USA Naval Academy.


He worked as a civil rights
tayers senator of Illinois for 8 years.
She was senator of NY since 2000
and she was in the first lady because she is in charge.
He served a 22 years old career
as a Naval Aviation hand he was involved in the Vietnam War.


In Favour

He worked in favour of tax cuts
early childhood education.
She worked in favour of children
families, the alth insurance.


He is against the war in Irak. She voted for the war in 2002.
She wants the army to withdraw for Irak. She isn't against the
death Penalty.He wants to reinforce military economy, and to
diminish the expenses of the state.
He wants to reinforce military
economy, and to diminish the expenses of the state.


He is Protestant She is Protestant. He is Protestant.

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