Voici un exemple de compte rendu d'un article :

The document I have just read is a newspaper article extracted from “The Telegraph” and released three years ago.

Judging from the title, we can easily understand it must deal with students, internships and the world of work.

In fact, according to a survey concerning around 18 000 final year students from 30 universities, it is much easier for the students who carried out a work experience placement with a graduate employer during their studies to be hired – more than a third of the students who had completed a work placement had obtained a job offer.

Such statistics highlight the importance of a work experience which cannot be considered as noncompulsory in a university curriculum.

That is the reason why experts agree to underline that performing internships remains of paramount importance to meet the skills graduate employers require.

Moreover, as regards applying for a job, we must bear in mind that the trend has changed. Indeed, more and more students – 36 % in 2010 and 44 % in 2013 - want to enter the job market as soon as possible after university, hence the benefits of having performed a work placement during their studies.


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