Nowadays, most of the women and men get married together older that a century before. Generally, they get married nearly twenty siw years old but, on two weddings, one of them get divorced few times later.

This is not a reason for not getting married but nowadays you have to be sure of what tou do. Marriages or weddings are not real things : you have to be sure to make the right choice. Not really the right but the best of your life : because marriage is one of the most important thing.

There is not a legal age (if you don't have it you are underage), but being engaged is a serious ans a choice of adult's life.

Some lovers get married very young but they stay together for the rest of their life however some others have arguments more and more important everyday and at the end they break up.

According to me, or to my mind, if you want to commit yourself in a relationship like a wedding, ou have to get along with your partner. Also, you should know and think that a couple of engaged guys are happy forever and ever : they all have, have and will have problems, be in two minds because of the parents sometimes.

When you're 19 and you want to marry you, I will say that it is plain thzt your parents ask you questions about your futur husband and they will disagree. You have to get it : they want the best for you and take care of you.

They are mastering much than you feelings and they have more experience. Being stubborn and showing that you understand os one of the thing that you should do to show to your parents that now, you grow up and know what are the responsabilities if you want to get married.

I findlly think that 19 is not old enough but just too young to get married with someone : but there is no age to love. Love and marriage are linked because you can not get married beacause you will find positive points. This is a serious act not funny at all.

There are also women who get maried because they have to. They're younger than 19 but they have no choice ; they have to be only dutyful to survive.

I don't really think that some guys actually think that marriage is not a real thing but maybe a well-known of what marriage means could prevent some of them. marriage is not a small thing.


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