HARRY'S LETTER : Harry has decided to win Gina Back. Write his letter. ( 250 Words )

Harry Silver,

11, North Street


SO 419FJ Bradford

17th January, 2011

Dear Gina,

The words are hard to find to tell you how sorry I am ; But if I could turn back the hand of time, I'd do the impossible to not commit this mistake.

I can't explain my attitude and I've never been the best to be forgiven. Now, that you're gone, I am so devastated that the ocean would not be large enough to contain all the remorse I feel. I mess up and I apologize for this. I woundered you, I'm ashamed but see you living with the heart broken is certainly the most difficult.

If you're able to draw a line through on this story, I will not disappoint you anymore. Remember how happy we had been ; my reason for living, it's still you.

People are convinced that love is just a question of confidence, but I'm sure, it's more than that. I think we could recognize two persons who love each other how they are able to endure hardships together, in suffering and in forgiveness. If you accept me back, I'll be an example for ever. I swear.

I don't expect you fall in love right now, I know that it will be harder. I just want you to realize that I'm always thinking of you and I'm ready to make all the effort.

If I die tomorrow, my last thoughts will be for you. I'm sorry and I love you.



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