A realitty show is a program where people are observed 24hours a day. The viewers want to identify to the candidates, they're blinded by what the screenplayers want to show. No wonder the first reality show was called "Big Brother", met a real success : it's a competition between strangers who have no privacy !

People are addicted because they're making fun of the candidates ; also, candidates may fight for not so much important things. Because of the screenplayers, viewers believe false things (they're showing just frightening scenes). and they may apper shallow.

However, a lot of viewers know that screenplayes are trafiked but they still watch it. The screenplayers want to surfe on the success and earn as money as they can. Viewers like watching progranmes where candidates are spying all the time. Sometimes, programs denounce kinds of government (totalitarism...) like BB. It could be also, against celebrities si it will be a caricature of people's personality.


La plateforme qui connecte profs particuliers et élèves

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