a. When was John Lennon born ?

b. WHen did Bob Marley died ?

c. Where did John Lennon grow up ?

d. Was Bob Marley a composer ?

e. How many children di John Lennon have ?

f. Did Bob Marley play jazz ?

g. Why did Bob Marley and John Lennon become legends ?

II°/ Plusieurs phrases sont possibles. Voici quelques exemples.

1. Both of them became legends

2. Both of them took part in a band.

3. Neither of them died in the 90s.


a. No, he didn't die assassinated y a madman. He died of cancer.

b. No, he didn't have travel a lot to Russia. Where did he travel a lot ?

c. No, John Lennon's band wasn't called the Rolling Stones. His band was called the Beatles.

d. No, Bob Marley didn't play jazz for 50 years. Ho many years did he play jazz (ou bien "How long did he play jazz ?").


a. Two stupid guys started a fight while I was sopping at the department store.

b. While the Beatles were recording their best album, The Rolling Stones were rehearsing their biggest concert.

c. As soon as I saw him I knew he was not the best person fot the job.

d. John Lennon was walking in the street when a madman attacked and killed him.

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