Carla was born in
1893, she was 19 at the time (in 1912). She was Danish (from
Denmark). Her father was a butcher and she was a maid. She wanted to
settle in America probably because she wanted to start a new life.
She was travelling with her uncle, her brother and her fiancé. She
survived but her family didn’t.

was sharing a cabin with 3 other girls. She was sleeping when the
Titanic hit the iceberg. At 11.40, she felt a shock, but she went
back to sleep. After all, at the time, people believed that the
Titanic was unsinkable.
an hour later, her uncle knocked at her door and said that she'd
better come up on the deck. She put her coat on and went up.

the deck, there was no panic, the orchestra was playing. Women and
children went into the first lifeboats.

went into one of the last lifeboats. She was with 6 crew members who
were rowing the lifeboat. Around them, they could see the other
lifeboats and lots of icebergs. The ocean was quiet. Suddenly, they
heard a terrible noise. The ship broke in two and both parts rose in
the air. Then it sank. It was a frightful vision.

few hours later, Carla and the other survivors were picked up by the

New York, she sent a telegram to her father to say that she had
survived but that the other members of her family had not. Her father
told her to come back home immediately. She came back to Denmark a
month later and stayed there forever.


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