a) What a wonderful film it was !

b) What _ extraordinary heroes they were !

c) What an optimistic end !

d) what _ gorgeous landscapes !

e) What _ patience I'll need to wait for the next episode !


a) a car / b) a car / c) a car / d) cars / e) a car / f) cars / g) car .


a) My mother drives me to school every day .

b) Then , she goes to work at nine o'clock .

c) Yesterday , she stayed at home .

d) She was ill , she was in bed .

e) So I went to school by bus .


a) Mum says I have to go on a diet .

b) She says I can only eat _ vegetables .

c) No way ! I'm not that keen on _ salads .

d) When I see a tomato , I get all red !

e) What I like is _ butter , _ cheese and _ sweets .

f) And what's the point , anyway ? I'm such a lovely girl !


a) I'm convinced this building is made of glass !

b) Yet , I think wood is a very beautiful material .

c) There is a lot of wood in Canadian towns .

d) Canada is a very interesting country .

e) But I prefer Belgium .

f) The King of Belgium is a very nice man .

g) But doctor Peters says he is stubborn .


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