a) Kathy grew up in Washington DC , where she lived until she was 20 .

b) At 25 , she is now engaged to a lawyer - he is a widower from New York .

c) She loves him very much . They are going to marry next summer .

d) I wish them good luck .


a) Keith and Jane have known each other for years .

b) They were famous ice skaters until Jane injured herself .

c) Keith himself could have gone on skating .

d) " No , we are responsible for each other " , he says .

e) " We keep ourselves healthy by walking a lot . "


a) Tim and Sam don't know each other very well .

b) Tim himself is quite friendly but his sister is a pest .

c) She is very pretty . She cuts her hair herself and it always looks nice .

d) I asked her : " Could you do me a favour , please ? "

e) She refused to help me do the washing up yesterday , so I had to do it myself .

f) And yet , she expects me to help her all the time .


a) We enjoyed ourselves very much at the party yesterday .

b) As usual , Debbie came with us .

c) She is a funny girl . Everybody likes her .

d) The only problem is that she and Pete don't get on well with each other .

e) They quarrel all the time .


a) J'ai un entretien demain à 9 heures . Je me réveillerai à 6 heures mais je ne me lèverai pas avant 6h30 .

b) Ensuite , je me laverai , je me raserai et je me laverai les dents .

c) Je ne me dépêcherai pas . Je prendrai mon temps .

d) A 7h30 , je me ferai quelque chose pour le petit déjeuner .

e) Je quitterai la maison plus tôt pour le cas où je me perdrais .


a) Nadia et Geoffrey ! Stop quarrelling !

b) geoffrey ! You are going to hurt yourself .

c) You should be ashamed of yourselves .

d) You can't play with each other .

e) Stop blaming each other .


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