a) I do not need any information .

b) The tourist office does not give any brochures .

c) The British company doesn't have any inexpensive flights .

d) We haven't got any maps .


a) We have not had any breakfast .

b) There are not any women in our group .

c) There is not any room for an extra bed in this room .

d) I have not got any tickets .


a) Have you got any change ?

b) No , I'm afraid I don't have any .

c) We'll have to get some .

d) Let's buy some postcards .

e) Here's some money .


a) " You can do anything you like here . "

b) " But I don't know anybody and I hate being alone in this city . "

c) " Don't be silly . You'd feel the same anywhere in the world . "

d) " I'm sure you'll find something interesting to do . Look at your guidebook . I find nothing interesting in it . "


a) Nobody takes the bus in this city .

b) There is nobody on the bus .

c) There are no buses after midnight .

d) You can park nowhere in the city centre .

e) Nothing is free in the amusement park .


a) Don't forget to take some food in your rucksack .

b) And make sure you always have mineral water .

c) Don't eat any fresh vegetables .

d) At this time of the year , you won't need any suntan lotion .

e) But , if you haven't got any warm clothes , you'll have to buy some .

f) If you speak English , you can travel anywhere in the world .



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