a) In : stay , be , sit , live , keep .

b) Into : go , come , get , throw .


a) There are a lot of people in the street .

b) Mary lives at 6 , Drury Street .

c) She stays at home on Sundays .

d) She goes to school in Grafton .

e) Her mother works in a school .


a) Originally , our family came from England .

b) My great gradparents decided to come to Australia in the 1930's .

c) They first settled in Melbourne .

d) And then , they moved to Brisbane .

e) My uncle moved to Tasmania , an island which is located off Melbourne .


a) Danny lives in / near Brisbane .

b) It's a city near / by the sea .

c) It's very far from Sydney .

d) He goes to Sydney about once a year .

e) He stays at a hotel at / near / close to / opposite / next to the airport .

f) He hates travelling because he gets sick when he is on the plane .

g) He likes to take a boat to go across / up / down the river .


a) Je suis allé en Tasmanie à la voile .

b) J'ai traversé le grand désert de sable en voiture .

c) J'ai traversé la ville en vélo .

d) J'ai traversé la rivière à la nage .

e) Je suis allé de la plage à l'opéra de Sydney à pied .


a) The plane flew over the Indian Ocean .

b) We drove across Queensland .

c) Then , we drove up north .

d) I walked into the house .

e) My cousin came downstairs to see who was there .


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