a) At nine o'clock / b) In June / c) On Saturdays / d) At tea time / e) In June 1999 /

f) On July the fourth / g) In the afternoon / h) In the year 2010 / i) At night / j) In the morning /

k) In two months / l) On Sunday .


a) What are you listening to ?

b) Who are you talking with ?

c) What are you talking about ?

d) What are they laughing at ?

e) What does she look like ?

f) What does you decision depend upon ?


a) At the end of the 19th century , Queen Victoria was at the head of a huge empire .

b) Britain was the ruler of the seas .

c) Their commercial ships travelled all over the world .

d) It took them several months to go from London to India , Canada or South Africa .

e) Queen Victoria died in 1901 , after a reign of 60 years .


a) You should listen to the radio tonight .

b) There's a programme about life in England during the reign of Queen Victoria .

c) It's on from 7pm to 8pm .

d) Children had to work from the age of 8 .

e) They often suffered from diseases or malnutrition .

f) They had to obey their boss .


a) Les parents avaient besoin de l'aide de leurs enfants .

b) Les petites filles devaient s'occuper des bébés .

c) On voyait les garçons chercher de la nourriture .

d) Les enfants se nourrissaient surtout de pommes de terre .

e) En tant qu'enfant , vous n'aviez aucun droit à cette époque .







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