a) usually / b) awfully / c) happily / d) madly / e) clearly / f) incredibly / g) coldly / h) warmly /

i) suddenly / j) terribly / k) absolutely / l) surprinsingly .


Adjectifs : phrases a , c , e et h .

Adverbes : phrases b , d , f et g .


a) My sister has a beautiful little girl .

b) She is slightly younger than Sarah .

c) But , surprinsingly , she is much taller .

d) She is normally a sweet child .

e) Except when she is angry .


a) " I suppose I'll never see you again " , she said .

b) She spoke quietly but she was determined .

c) " It's very painful for me " , I said .

d) And I immediately left the room .

e) Perhaps I should have tried to talk to her .


a) Almost all teenagers experience stress during their secondary school years . It can be

incredibly hard to do the things you enjoy , and also do well in school . Do you normally go

to a football match on saturday afternoon and then go dancing in the evening ? If so , you are

probably trying to do too many things , and you'll soon be exhausted .

My advice to teenagers who feel they are very stressed is to r - e - lo - a - x . Take a break .

It's great to play a sport , but don't let your time be consumed by too many activities .

Always try to find time to do something that really makes you happy . I find that the best thing

is to talk to someone or write in a diary . By writing down your worries , you'll soon relieve

some stress .


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