a) If you are tired , sit down .

b) If the headmaster comes in , stand up .

c) If you are too hot , open the window .

d) If you want to get good marks , learn your lessons .

e) If you don't know how to write a word , check in a dictionary .

f) If you want to check something in an encyclopedia , go to the library .


a) Speak louder . I can't hear you .

b) Don't sit on that chair . It's almost broken .

c) Always bring your notebook . You'll need it everyday .

d) Move over here . You'll see the blackboard better .

e) Don't change seats . I want you to be always in the same place .


a) It's cold in here . Shut the window .

b) You are late . Hurry up .

c) Write the date on the blackboard . Take a piece of chalk .

d) Here is your homework for tomorrow . Take your notebooks .

e) Betty , why are you standing ? Sit down .

f) Bernie , this is a test ! Don't look at your friend's paper .


a) Let's listen to the tape .

b) Take your rough book , a pen and a rubber .

c) Listen to the dialogue but don't write .

d) Now , take down notes .

e) Let's check your answers .

f) Don't forget to do your homework .

g) Good , put away your exercise books and leave the classroom now .


a) Please , Jerry , don't worry .

b) Please , read at least two books during the holidays .

c) Please , don't use a pen ; use a pencil .

d) Please , Jane and sandra , don't talk while I'm talking .


a) Jimmy ! Do sit down and be quiet .

b) Never come to shcool with a walkman.

c) Betty ! Do listen to the tapeattentively.

d) Always hand in your papers on time .




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