a) There is a lot of pollution today .

b) There are too many cars .

c) There are twenty churches in the city where I live .

d) There is a new department store .

e) There are a lot of tourists .

f) There is a new mayor .


a) There are hundreds of red buses .

b) There are also lots of taxis in London .

c) Theyr are all black .

d) I think they are very confortable .

e) There are many Indian taxi drivers .


a) I went to London two months ago .

b) The new station was built six years ago .

c) The Queen was crowned sixty years ago .


a) Il y avait un grand magasin ici .

b) Il doit y avoir une réunion à la mairie .

c) Il se pourrait qu'il y ait un embouteillage quand ce sera fini .

d) Il y aurait plus d'embouteillages s'il n'y avait pas de feux de signalisation .


a) There's a new bridge in London .

b) There are many theatres in the West End .

c) Ten years ago , there used to be a cinema in this street .

d) There will soon be eight million inhabitants in London .

e) There would be many accidents if people drove on the right .


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