a) I like Debbie very much . She is my best friend .

b) Her parents and mine are friends too .

c) I like her house but , of course , I prefer mine .

d) Her father always wears a hat on his head . He is funny .

e) There is a little house in their garden , and we pretend it is our home .


a) Mr Johnson and his wife are not here . They are in Madrid with their children .

c) I don't like their daughter very much , she never lends me her books .

c) My brother and I have decided not to let her come into our house any more .

d) Last week , she had a red hat on her head . I thpught she was ridiculous .

e) Her brother is much nicer . He is not at all like his sister .


a) Really , darling , don't you think this wedding is not as exciting as ours ?

b) Look , here is my nephew , where is yours ?

c) Really , your cousin is smarter than mine .

d) I think your suit is nicer than his .

e) My friend Joan has met my mother - in - law , but I haven't met hers yet .


a) My wife is delighted , she has found a photoof her ancestors .

b) Look ! her great - grandfather has a red scarf around his neck .

c) and his son has a hat in his hand .

d) there were many aristocrats in her family .

e) Her family is more ancient than mine .



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