Indiquez si les phrases sont au discours direct ou indirect


  1. George told me that he was worried .
  2. He said he was interested in the conservation of wild animals .
  3. I told him that I was interested in that issue too .
  4. But I said , I am not as pessimistic as you are .
  5. I'm not so sure all these environmentalists are telling the truth , " I said .
  6. An oil tanker sank in the ocean at the beginning of July .
  7. The authoroties have taken 6,500 adult penguins .
  8. We are going to save as many birds as possible .
  9. The penguins will be cleaned up by volunteers .
  10. We hope to finish the job by the end of the month  .
  11. Some people say the world is in danger .
  12. Fifty years ago , nobody knew that man could be a danger to nature .
  13. Everybody believed that progress was marvellous .
  14. People were persuaded that technology was going to solve all the problems .
  15. I read in the paper that scientists do not all agree on this matter .
  16. I wonder where the jewels are .
  17. I wonder where the thief is .
  18. I wonder what these two men did yesterday .
  19. I wonder where they are coming from .
  20. I wonder what that girl was doing at lunchtime .
  21. I wondered where the jewels were .
  22. I wondered where the thief was .
  23. I wondered what these two men had done the day before .
  24. I wondered where they were coming from .
  25. I wondered what that girl had been doing at lunchtime .
  26. He told me to park my car right in front of his house .
  27. He told me I could park here .
  28. He added that he had had a ticket the day before .
  29. He then said he'd stay there until the next day .
  30. I was asked to train this police dog . This is what I'm doing .
  31. I ordered him not to bark .
  32. Then I told him to run , then I asked him to stop and wait for me .
  33. Now he always does what I tell him to do . He is a good dog .

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