Exercice: Mettez les verbes entre parenthèses au prétérit ou au pluperfect.

1) On November 11, an American and two Russians (be) on their way to their new home in space. The two Russian astronauts (already - live) in space before, aboard the Russian space station Mir. The three men (arrive) at the 240-mile high station on November 18. Before that, they (train) intensely for five years. And Shepherd, the American, (fly) on three occasions before. When they (return) home, they (declare) that it (be) a wonderful experience and that they (have) the time of theirs lives.

2) Last Monday, the Upper house of Parliament (vote) in favour of the changes to the law, although religious leaders (strongly - argue) for a delay.

3) Italian doctor Severino Antinori (announce) earlier this year that he (already - make) plans to clone a human by 2003.


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