Tout le monde connait l'histoire de "Kate and Bryan", les héros des livres d'anglais ! Voici donc leur histoire, niveau 4ème !

Kate and Bryan

Kate Marsh is fifteen, she lives at 13 Solent Road. She goes to Hampsead school, in year nine, with Bryan. Her mother is a nurse and hes father is a gardener. She says xhe is very helpful and not lazy at all. She says she's a bit talkative and a bit messy too.

Bryan Decker is fifteen and a galf, he lives at 3 Ulysses Road. He goes to Hampsead school, in year nine, with Kate. His parents are divorced. He lives with his mother, his step-father and his half-sisters. He says he's very hardworking and very kind too. He says he's a bit shy. His dad lives in London too.

Saturday night

It's Saturday night. Josh, Kate and Bryan want to go out. Kate wants to go to a Motörhead concert, but Bryan doesn't because he says he hates their music, it's noisy and boring. Bryan wants to go to the Natural History Museum, but Kate says Josh doesn't because it's Saturday night. Bryan want to go to bowling then, but Kat doesn't because they go every week. Kate want to organize a party and Bryan wants to buy pizza but Josh want to go to the pizza express club with his paretns and Bryan and Kate come with us.

Help !

Chris is phoning Bryan because they have a Maths test on Friday and he needs help. They can't revise tonight after school because Chris is washing up at the pizza parlour from six to eight. They can't revise on Wednesday because Bryan is walking his neibour's dog, he's in hospital. They can work on Thursday because they're both free.

Too busy to babysit

Kate and her family are in the living-room. Kate is sitting on her chair at her desk, she's surfing the net and talking to her mum. Her mum is sitting on the sofa, she's reading a magazine and drinking tea. Her dad is standing near the windows, he is trimming the plants. Kate's little brother is kneeling on the floor, he's playing with his toys : he's building a robot.

A desastrous camping expedition

Josh has forgotten the tin-opener, so they can't eat. Bryan has left pegs at home, so they can't put up the tent. Kate has lost the map, so the might be lost. Jeff has forgotten the batteries, so the torch doesn't work. Sally has caught a fish, so they can eat.


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