A club is a place where you can dance


play music

develop your IT skills

checks your Emails

fence / do sports do your homowork

If you join the …... club, you'll be able ….......

Join now ….... club, you'll be able …........

Exemples :

If you join the computer club, you'll be able to check your email.

If you join the music band, you'll be able to rehearse with you hand and perform in front of public.

Join now the poetry club, you'll be able to write songs and poems.

Who is it for ? Open to all years / to years 7, 8, 9 ...

When is it ? It's open every day / it's open daily open / it's open Monday to Friday.

Where is it ? It's in the school library / it's in room 200.

How must is it ? It's free / it's 3 pounds / euros / dollars ...

What is it for ? You can cath up with work …

What time is it at ? It's from four thirty / four and half to seven thirty pm.

Why will you join ? Because if you join you'll be able to improve your hard-working skills.

Volonté (on utilise will pour une volonté) :

Will you join the homework club again this year ?

I'll (will) join the homework club because I'm hardworking.

I won't join the homework club because I'm to lazy.

Souhait (on utilise would pour un souhait):

Would you like to join the homework club maybe ?

I'd (would) like to join the homeworkclub because I'm harworking.

I wouldn't like to join the homework club because I'm to lazy.

Will et would sont des auxiliaires.


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