When he was a
baby, a very young boy, some people found him near an orphanage, in
New York City. He was wrapped around an old coverage, he was
shuddering and his forehead was cold as an iceberg. On his hand, he
was wearing a small ring on which Mickael Cody was engraved...

was 15 years old, when, during the winter, he fell in a frozen lake,
but he didn't know how to swim... Immediately, all around him, the
water started to freeze, and he regained the bank. Frightened, he
raised his arms towards the sky, and suddenly, he spined ice with his
iceslingers and icebeams with his eyes. So, he discovered his powers.

the orphanage burnt, he was the only survivor... Anxious, he decided
to leave the city to win money here and there... A day, in the
street, he met a quiet scientist who wanted to study him.

Mickael was of great interest to the professor, started to learn his
subject. For a long time, he dedicated himself to biology, more
particularly on penguins...

Cody was hardworking, sociable, energetic, friendly, that's why he
became a popular scientist, not very rich... Therefore, he has to
cope with many money problems.

As soon as he
doesn't save the world, he works in the Antarctic where he can resist
to the environment and the cold. Surprised by his powers, the
researcher who loves inventig states of the art gadgetery, began to
create him his armour to fights evils, criminality, catch the

Now, He wears
spandex outfits where, on his chest, is sewed a symbol : A yellow
flash of lightning. His skintight is predominantly white, but under
his arms, there are two long black bands. He's capeless, has got
elbow pads, utility belts which can protect him and help him to

most Superheroes who maintain a secret identity, he wears a mask.
However, this one is very particular... It doesn't covering the upper
face but only the jaws and a little party of his nose. As a result,
his ennemies can see his eyes, before dying...

Penguin has got superhuman strenghts and superhuman speed and
agility, he is able to lift heavy objects, jump long distances, run
very fast, fly with his flying surfboard and throw his ennemies into
the air. Moreover, he is muscular, has got an athletic built, looks
very intelligent and deceitful.

his psychological features, he has a split personality : When he is
very angry, he morphes into an other man who can't discerne the
difference between right and wrong. So, often, he destroys and
smashes everything. So, is he hopelessly a badboy ?


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