This is an extract from the scenario of the film
« Spiderman » ( 2002 ). Peter is at home with his aunt
and uncle.


PETER passes AUNT MAY and takes his seat.

AUNT MAY : A boy your age should have
a girlfriend.

PETER : Aunt May... She has a steady

AUNT MAY : Peter, any girl that's
worth your attention is of course gonna have a boyfriend... But if
she really gets to know what you have to offer she'll... you get
my drift ?

BEN : Look, just leave him alone,
okay. When he's ready for girls he'll be a holy terror.

( winks )

It's in the blood =)

( Now serious business )

Lookit, how are you fixed for money, Pete ? Maybe I
can help you out a little.

PETER ( lying to them ) : No, I'm
alright. My scholarship covers almost everything, and I sell some
photos here and there. Today my physics professor aked for some of
my work... he wants to study my data. They might publish my work
in the science magazine... that'll birng me some money...

○ Question 1: Details on the text about Spiderman : Characters ? Where ?
Why ?

→ There are three
characters, Peter Parker, a good student who is Spiderman, his aunt
may and his uncle ben. The scene takes place in a dining room in the
evening. Peter is a photograph who he accept a scholarship. There are
going to have a dinner.

○ Question 2 :
What's his aunt's problem ?

→ Aunt May would like
Peter to have a girlfriend, but Peter says that he loves a girl who
already has a steady girlfriend. Aunt May thinks Peter is too shy and
should be more sociable and outgoing.

○ Question 3 :
What's his uncle's problem ?

→ His uncle is worried
about Peter's money problems.

○ Question 4 :
What's Pete's problem ?

→ Peter has to cope with
money problems, he has problems to make both ends meet.

○ Question 5 : What
does he do to get money ? So what do you understand ?

→ He sells photos, his
science work is going to be published so he'll get some money and we
can deduce he is a brilliant student an photographer.

○ Question 6 :
Whose financial help does he refuse and why ?

→ He refuses his uncle's
financial help because he wants to provide for himself, to be
financially independent.


This is an extract from a novel. Superman is at
home with his adoptive father and Alger, a friend of the family.

The knocking was repeated, more insistently.
Alger started to rise from his chair, but Mr Kent shook his head.
« Clark ! Somebody's at the kitchen door ». Although
Clark finally had dragged himselfou of bed around half past five
that afternoon and come downstairs to sit with his father and
Alger while they ate supper, he's gone directly back up to his
room once the dishes were done and put away. « Clark ! You
want to go see who's there ? [ … ] Clark ! [ … ] ».

At last they heard his heavy footsteps on the

Clark shuffled into the dining room stifling a
yawn. His shirttail dangled. His hair stuck out in fifty place. He
looked sulky and irritated.

« Somebody's here », said Mr Kent.
« Would you mind seeing who ? ».

Clark nooded, went to answer, pulled open then
door, and discovered Willi Berg finishing a cigarette on the short
back porch. « Can I come in ? ».

Clark opened the door wider, indicating the
kitchen with a toss of his head.

Tom De Haven, It's Superman ( 2006 ).

○ Question 1 :
Character's ? Where ? Who with ? When ?

→ There are Mr Kent who is
Clark Kent's father ( his foster parents ), Clark Kent who is
Superman and Alger, a friend of the family. The scene takes place in
a farm, in the evening, around half past five pm.

○ Question 2 : What
feeling do you get about Clark ? Describe his personality.

→ He looked sulky, a bit
azy, so idle, and not very sociable.

○ Question 3 : What
shows in the text that he is not active, not very energetic ?

→ Clark Kents doesn't seem
not active because he sleep until the end of the afternoon. He's
messy. Moreover, when his father calls him he answers very slowly. To
finish, his shorttail is dangling ans his hair sticks out in fifty

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