Resume of the novel

Buck is a big and heavy dog, whose master takes care or him very carefully. But at the end of the 19th century, dogs like Buck are wanted to pull the sleds of the enormous number of people looking for some gold. So he is stolen from his master, and sold to two mushers : Perrault and François, with whom he learns the laws of the survival. Then
his master changes again and again, and finally he finishes with a caring man named John Thornton. He is so faithful to his master that he can’t leave him to follow the call of the wild he is hearing each night. But an event will change that.

Major character

The maincharacter, Buck, has been bred as a pet. He received a strong body from his father (he weights 120 pounds) and cunning and intelligence from his mother. Trough the whole story he amazes people by his unusual strength. He doesn’t like fighting the other dogs, but because he is very proud of himself, he can’t let anyone steal from him, or want to master him. And then the struggle can’t be avoided.


The story begins in 1897 in the USA. This was the time of the gold rush, which is the link of the whole story. The adventures take place in the heart of the wild, that’s what gives all its sense to the title of the novel: The Call of the Wild. Indeed, because he is always immersed in it, he lives with it, even if he has never lived alone in it.

The story is written from Buck’s point of view, that’s why all the attention is paid by the lector to him. He goes through a lot of trouble.


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