: Vous tenterez à l'aide de vos connaissances personnelles, de votre
capacité de reflexion et des différentes notions abordés en cours
( Dont l'étude sur la Musique de Shania Twains... ), de répondre au
sujet suivant : You & The Consumption.

Like many
people, I consume everyday... I consume because I eat, I drink, I use
water, some earth's energy and a lots of others things... But, I'm
aware about what they happen in the World, and I think we can just
make a gesture for him... For example :

to the American, when you consume, you're happy... It symbolize,
because they want to belong to the consumer society, so they do
shopping, spend money in somethings... The cause of this phenomenon
is education : Childrens learn to earn money in order to spend it...
That' why people buy meaningless things to feel happy, but this fake
happiness doesn't last and a short while later, they need to buy a
new object to feel happy again...Happiness and essential things are
somewhere else...

Twain, a Canadian successful songwriter, denounce in a song nammed
« Ka-Ching » the happiness people get when they
consume... She criticizes people who waste their money in useless
things, in things which they'll not use later... She criticizes
shopaholics and compulsive buyers too. In fact, people who are
regardless of their purchassing power and even if they're broke they
get alone...

Me, I find
that the idea which when we consume, we're happy, is very stupid...
Sometimes maybe, when we want a thing since five months, and when
Christmast give it to us, I assume... In fact, it was probably the
patience, the way to wait a long time for have somethings who create
this feeling of happiness... If we can have everything because
we can buy what we want, I think that it's impossible to be happy
when we consume...

However, the consumption
is very dangerous for the society... We know that, in twenty years,
the population will be very important... And now, if we use all means
of the planet, us sons won't can live like we... I guess we consume
more than we need, and it will be very difficult to change it... Some
ads try to give a new vision of the world, to reduce us
consumption... It will be probably, a long action...

Moreover, we live in a
consumer society, and we're often influence by publicity,
televisions, radios... But are we oblige to consume ? Can we just for
example, buy what we need and sometimes more, in special day like
Christmast and Birthday... ?

Comment améliorer son anglais ?

now, with the purchassing power, it's difficult and a lots of people
prefer to keep their money, even if they live in a materialistic

conclude, I assume shopaholics should reflect about what they need,
what it's indispensable to live... Do shopping isn't a sport, even if
they can buy what they want !


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