: What kind of shopper are you ? Are you influenced by your parents,
friends or advertising ? Do you
compare products before buying or are you a compulsive buyer ? (
words ).

I'm afraid
I have to admit that I'm a shopaholic too. I am a boy who loves
impulse buying. When I see something new that I like in a magazine or
on a friend of mine, I can't help rushing to the nearest store to buy
it, even though I'm aware that it isn't indispensable. That's how, I
spend all the pocket money I earn. If I had more money I would buy
more clothes, books, Cds, records, DVDs... And I am convinced that I
am not the only one...

are very clever because they create the impression that if you don't
own certain things, you're different from other teenagers, so
sometimes I buy useless things I don't even like just to belong to a

I don't
trust radio or TV commercials very much. They are often deceptive.
Before I make up my mind, I ask my friends for their advice because I
trust them. Moreover I don't have much money, which means I always
compare prices and hunt for bargains whenever it is possible...

When I buy
clothes I am certainly not influenced by my parents. I can't bear the
way they are dressed. To my mind they are too old-fashioned. I never
buy clothes without taking a close friend of mine with me. He gives
me good advice what is trendy. I must say I am also influenced by
fashion magazines. I don't watch television very much, I prefer to
watch my favourite films on DVD.


I can't
understand how buying things can make people happy. As a matter of
fact, I must confess that I definitely hate shopping. Once you have
enough clothes to wear, Cds to listen and books to read, what's the
point of hanging out in malls ? I'd rather be out practising sport or
at the cinema with my friends...


products is actually a good strategy if you want to be able to have
value for money...




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