This is an article from « The Daily Telegraph », which is issue in September 2007. It deals with the incredible story which happened on a train around Manchester ( Merseyrail to be precisely ). Indeed, a young girl has dared to put her feet on a train seat for just 10 seconds. It's incredible ! Unacceptable ! She should be ashamed !

But don't worried about that, this uneducated teenager had paid for this insult ! Yeah, at this moment, the smartest ticket collector has all seen and did what was best to do to this situation. She had hauled before the courts. It's fantastic.

But finally, she is a lucky woman... Yeah... She hasn't been in jail... Judges are so generous today. Instead of that, she had just cost £150 for solicitor's fees. It isn't enough...

And listen, that's not all ! This vulgar person doesn't want to have a criminal record ! She put us through the mill. I hope she will understand when she is older that what she do is uncivil and she will stop to protest that it was an injustice.

Personnaly, I'm affraid about this behavior. It's so disrespectful. I can't believe it ! How can she takes this attitude ? I'm frightened... Teenagers are so rude nowadays.

If you want to know what I will do to this situation, I will sentence her to three years imprisonment. And I'm nice ! She deserves probably a more painful sanction. If we continue to not to react, young people could do things... more... more... more... dreadful !

I'm happy she hasn't been impunished, we live in a good world and Justice must always triumph ! That's all. I'm shocked... Nothing will ever going to be the same again !


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