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Paris 14e 
Paris 14e 
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Certified International Yoga instructor by RYT200 (Vinyasa yoga & Hatha yoga) in Paris


My name is Sung-ah BAE, from South Korea.
I'm an international certified yoga instructor by RYT200.
I've been practicing yoga since 2010, and officially completed my teacher training in 2015 January.
I am offering the different level of yoga class according to the students. I start my yoga class with meditation and finish with a little neck massage. I am specialized in Vinyasa & Hatha, but not only. I am also teaching Bikram(Hot yoga), Healing(Restorative) and Band yoga(Pilates yoga).


C’est le nec plus ultra des professeurs. Qualité du profil, excellence du diplôme, réponse garantie. Sung-ah organisera avec soin le premier cours.


I've been practicing yoga since 2010 and been teaching in Paris since 2015. Yoga helps mentally and physically [Relaxation, de-stressing and back-pain, etc.]
I'd serve you the private yoga class according to your condition and body situation as well. I like to suggest you to practice regularly and understand yoga better. Yoga is not just about physical practice, but it's more about learning your self.


Tarif pour 1 heure de cours : 60€/h


I am offering the different level of yoga classes from beginners to advanced. The private class will be modified according to your body conditions and your willings. My speciality is neck massage in the end of my yoga class. It helps you relax and meditate in savasana.

Cours proposés par Sung-ah
En groupe
Ces cours peuvent se dérouler
Chez vous
Matières enseignées
  • Yoga
  • Hatha
  • Détente
  • Vinyasa
  • Yoga flow
  • Tout niveaux

Curriculum Vitae de Sung-ah

I try my best to help with all my heart and the respect.
You can count on me, I'll lead you from my practicing experiences.

Good experience makes good memory, bad experience even makes good lesson! You will never know, if you don't try! Do yoga!

***My yoga class will be in English***

Les 17 avis sur Sung-ah
  • 5/5

Toutes nos évaluations sont collectées par nos services et sont fiables à 100%. Elles correspondent à une vraie expérience vécue par les élèves du professeur.

Parfait ! Super !

Réponse de Sung-ah

It's been a pleasure to lead her first yoga experience together. Emelyne is very motivated to discover yoga! Grateful to do yoga with her every week. Merci! Namaste


Parfait ! We love our weekly Yoga lesson, Sung-ah. You are a gifted and knowledgeable teacher who challenge us tailored to our abilities. Your positive attitude and sunny nature is a true delight. Looking forward to our next lesson.

Réponse de Sung-ah

It's been a pleasure to practice yoga with Jan and Julie who appreciate yoga as much as I do. Both of you have been so kind and good to me, I am grateful for that. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to our new yoga journey together. Namaste :)


Parfait ! Thank you so much
You were extremely nice patient and caring ... I recomand you Sung-ah she is amazing

Réponse de Sung-ah

It was a pleasure to do yoga with Céline. She is trying to understand yoga and her body. Thanks for the warm heart and the tea :) I really enjoyed the time with her. Hope to see you soon again! Namaste

9 recommandations


Sung-Ah is a wonderfull yoga teacher. She always smiles and you can see that she enjoy teaching.
I tried yoga when I was younger but I wasn't enjoying so much but Sung-Ah finally managed to make me love it !
I highly recommend trying yoga with her, you will love it :)


Sungah has been my yoga teacher for more than 2 years, starting with fundamentals and following my progress over time. Yoga lessons are relaxing, not repetitive and fun. Sungah really pays attention to her students, it’s a pleasure to have her as a teacher!


Sung-Ah is really passionate about yoga and she is eager to share her passion. I have started to practice with her and I really enjoy that she can adapt and that she listens to the class/student needs. I definitely recommend her !

Sung-ah est vraiment passionnée par le yoga et sait partager sa passion ! J’ai commencé le yoga avec elle et au fil du temps elle a su adapter sa classe aux niveaux et besoins des élèves. Je vous recommande vivement ses cours, elle saura vous convaincre !

Interview de Sung-ah

QUESTION 01 | 08
A quel âge avez-vous commencé à faire du sport ? Parlez-nous de cette époque (évidemment pas si lointaine) ?
Sung-ah — I think I've been always doing sports since I was a kid.
But seriously I've started practicing yoga since I was 26 years old(in 2010). I was working for a small company and going through difficult time personally.
One of my best friends suggested me to go practice yoga with her several times. One day, I decided to try with her in order to make her stop asking.
But I was wrong. At the first yoga class, I felt that this is what I really needed. I went crazy about yoga ever since I started practicing it.
There are a lot of yoga advantages mentally and physically. What I've learned the most from my yoga practices is being myself and accept as I am. It was the only time I couldn't think about family, friends, social pressure, work, etc.
I am not talking about being selfish. I could understand more about other people since I could understand myself. I am grateful that I've started yoga and now I can share it with people. This is the gratitude.
QUESTION 02 | 08
Quels sont vos sports favoris, ceux que vous pratiquez à haut niveau, en tant que simples loisirs ou que vous aimeriez découvrir ?
Sung-ah — To be honest, I was never really good at any sport. Literally none of sports.
When I told my friends that I started practicing yoga, they laughed at me hardly. Oh yes, this is true. I understood why!
Ever since I started practicing yoga, it became my one & only sport. My yoga level is still progressing and I will keep on practicing.
Few years ago in South Korea I learned how to play golf as well but couldn't continue.
I had to stop golfing since I left Korea. If I have another chance, I like to start it over. I liked it because of the green field. It is relieving my stress and cleanses my body too.
QUESTION 03 | 08
Donnez-nous envie d'enfiler un short en nous expliquant ce que vous apporte le sport au quotidien !
Sung-ah — It's simple. If I skip a daily practice, my body forgets. It responses so quickly to my laziness. I believe our body is honest.
Our body never lies. Sometimes slowly, sometimes indirectly, but still it's telling us lots of its status.
So I decided to understand and listen to it. The key of daily practice is to learn about ourselves.
QUESTION 04 | 08
Quel exploit sportif vous a marqué ou inspiré (voire donné envie de chanter I will survive toute la journée) ? Dites-nous comment vous l'avez vécu !
Sung-ah — It was the worldcup in 2002. I was a high school student but still could enjoy the whole festival in Korea.
In the middle of Seoul, maximum 6 million people (Korean VS Germany) gathered and watched a match. It was unforgettable memory for me, maybe all of Korean.
This year when France won the worldcup, I was thinking about Korean match in 2002. Couldn't imagine how exciting it it!
QUESTION 05 | 08
Parlez-nous de votre plus bel accomplissement en tant que sportif !
Sung-ah — Mostly I am teaching private yoga classes for individuals, couples and families. Surprisingly 1/3 of my yoga students are men. I know some people think yoga is only for women! I thought so as well, but I was wrong.
I started teaching yoga to my male students who's got some spinal disc problems this year. Some people couldn't even straighten their backs when we started yoga class together.
All of my yoga students got so much better after practicing yoga with me. I tried my best to understand what are the problems and how to resolve them.
Now I am very positive about how yoga can heal the specific troubles like spinal disc.
QUESTION 06 | 08
Si vous deviez faire un jogging avec un sportif de renom, lequel serait-ce ? Et quelles questions lui poseriez-vous (si vous arrivez à courir à son rythme et qu'il vous reste encore un peu de salive) ?
Sung-ah — If I could choose whom I jog with, I'd say Usain Bolt.
And I'd love to ask if he likes to practice yoga with me!
This could be like a dream.
QUESTION 07 | 08
Comment vous y prenez-vous pour qu'un élève garde "l'oeil du tigre" et persévère dans l'effort ?
Sung-ah — I try to understand where my students are and how they are doing. I tried to be patient and give them time. In the other hand, I also tried to guide them with the direction.
I've seen often that the time comes along with their own efforts. I am just enlightening their way, but still it's not me who finally walks with legs.
QUESTION 08 | 08
Qu'est-ce qui fait de vous un super sportif… et un Superprof ?
Sung-ah — Lot of people find yoga class because they are stressed out or because they have physical problem such as spinal disc. Or for diet as well.
What ever the reason people find me for yoga class, I tried to help. I try to understand and listen to my students.

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