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Improve your English fluency with a certified TESOL teacher from New York!


C’est le nec plus ultra des professeurs. Qualité du profil, excellence du diplôme, réponse garantie. Kate organisera avec soin votre premier cours d'Anglais.

À propos du cours

Are you ready to immerse yourself in authentic English experiences? I am a university-trained, professional TESOL teacher with years of experience working with immigrants in the United States. My courses are presented as 100% immersion in American English. With me, you can expect to:

-- Follow a personalized training plan based on your needs
-- Review, practice, and improve English grammar
-- Prepare for exams or professional situations
-- Enhance your vocabulary
-- Learn helpful idioms and expressions
-- Refine your accent, pronunciation, and intonation
-- Boost your confidence

Each lesson includes a topic to study or review, a discussion, and age- or level-appropriate exercises. I will provide you with all lesson materials and any homework.

Our first meeting is a consultation, where we get to know each other and discuss your needs and expectations. I will assess your level at the beginning and at the end of our program so you have documentation of your improvement. Please do not hesitate to make any special requests so I can give you exactly what you need to succeed!

Thank you, and I look forward to sharing my passion for English with you!


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À propos de Kate

Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Kate. I am from New York and have lived in France since 2018. Every person I meet gives me a fresh perspective and a new challenge. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

I am a professionally certified teacher in the United States, with university degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and in English Literacy. I taught immigrants and refugees for 5 years in the United States and have been teaching in France for 4 years as a private tutor and in international schools.

I believe being a native English speaker with a wide range of professional teacher training and experience sets me apart. I am confident in my ability to give you a high-quality English education.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!



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  • 10h : 490€


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  • 49€/h


I offer English lessons at the rate of 49€/hr. There is an additional 5€ travel fee for all face-to-face lessons.

Urgent courses booked less than 48 hours in advance will incur an express charge.

Per my cancellation policy, any missed lesson or a lesson canceled less than 24 hours in advance is non-refundable. I will attempt to reschedule other cancelations twice before the time becomes non-refundable.

Costs may vary for specialized training plans depending on the level of additional planning and preparation needed on my end. Group lessons are charged the current rate per person.

For any minor student under the age of 18, a parent or trusted adult MUST be present at the time of the lesson.

En savoir plus sur Kate

  • 01

    Parlez-vous couramment cette langue en raison de vos origines ou parce qu'un professeur vous a donné envie de l'apprendre ?

    Yes, I am a native speaker of English, born and raised in New York. I also studied to become a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at my university in the United States.

  • 02

    Citez le personnage vivant, historique ou fictif qui est, selon vous, le représentant emblématique de la culture en question !

    This is a difficult question to answer! If I had to choose one person/character to represent American culture, I would have to pick Mickey Mouse. He's a well-beloved, well-known character who gives life to an American folk history of optimism and unity. The world Disney created for him and with him represents the America we want and hope to be.

  • 03

    Y-a-t-il, dans celle-ci, un mot, une expression, une tradition ou un comportement typique qui vous amuse particulièrement ?

    I can find amusement in many aspects of my own culture and language. Although I can't think of a specific example off the top of my head, I can recall many situations in which I've been describing the meaning of a phrase or expression to a student and end up saying, "Yeah...it's quite funny, actually." American idioms and expressions can be very amsuing when literally translated or misunderstood!

  • 04

    En quoi savoir parler cette langue est important, que ce soit scolairement, professionnellement ou d'un point de vue plus personnel ?

    Being able to speak English is very important in the modern age, as English has evolved into an international language represented by a wide variety of speakers and cultures. I have worked professionally with pre-school-age children, children and teenagers who need English for educational purposes, adults who need to speak better English to travel or function in their daily life in an English-speaking country, and adults who need to improve their English for business reasons. There are many, varied applications of English, all of which are beneficial in their own ways.

  • 05

    Quelle est la difficulté principale de cette langue et ce qui peut favoriser son apprentissage ?

    This is a very subjective question. What is difficult for one learner may be easy for another learner, and vice versa. "Difficulties" all depend on the experience, home language, home culture, and background knowledge of the learner. A good teacher knows how to identify these specific difficulties and apply strategies to help each individual learner succeed.

  • 06

    Une anecdote en rapport avec votre métier ou votre scolarité à nous raconter ?

    One of the funniest things that has happened to me personally was an interaction with an eight-year-old student in the school where I worked in New York. She came from a large, Puerto Rican family and her mother was about the same age as me (I was 25 or 26 at the time). We were learning Family vocabulary and she asked me if I had children. I told her I did not and she became extremely upset, crying hysterically and asking me, "But Miss! WHY?! You're so beautiful, why does NOBODY love you?!" It's difficult to explain this in writing, but in real life it was sad, cute, and funny all at the same time. She truly believed that because I did not have kids at 25 or 26 that I was going to be alone and unloved forever.

  • 07

    Aidez-nous à vous connaître un peu mieux en évoquant vos différents voyages.

    My first trip abroad was as a summer exchange student in Finland in 2006. My experience there learning a new language through total immersion and no formal study led me to become an ESOL teacher. I wanted to help people coming to the USA with the same language issues I experienced. I returned to Finland in 2010 for a semester at the University of Oulu. Besides those educational trips, I've also visited 36 of the US states and 11 countries (including France).

  • 08

    Qu'est-ce qui fait de vous un Superprof, en + de cette capacité à s'exprimer en plusieurs langues ?

    I am not a Superprof just because I am a native speaker of English. I believe it takes much more than this to be an effective language teacher. I am a Superprof because I have the experience, pedagogy, and drive needed to deliver the highest-quality, personalized education to all of my students. I apply tools and strategies I've learned from my university training and my five years of professional experience. I am a Superprof because a good teacher is also a good learner; I am passionate about learning languages, and have applied the immersive strategies I teach to learning Finnish, Spanish, and French. I learn something new about myself and about the world from every student I encounter, and I hope they leave their lessons with me feeling the same way.

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