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Vous voulez apprendre l'anglais? Besoin d'un traducteur? Intéressé dans une conversation en anglais? Aide aux devoirs et de tutora 20/h
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Vous voulez apprendre l'anglais? Besoin d'un traducteur? Intéressé dans une conversation en anglais? Aide aux devoirs et de tutora

Vous voulez apprendre l'anglais? Besoin d'un traducteur ou tout simplement une conversation en anglais? Est-ce que vous vous préparez pour une entrevue qui peuvent être en anglais? Si cela vous est alors j'aimerais aider! Je travaille avec tous les âges en donnant des leçons, des conversations et des traductions. J'ai de l'expérience avec les enfants et les adultes, de tous niveaux différents. J'offre également l'aide aux devoirs. Quoi que vous devrez peut-être je peux vous aider! Je crois qu'il ya plusieurs façons de savoir si vous voulez une leçon plus interactif (ex; leçon comprend des jeux, promenades etc) ou une leçon pratique (grammaire typique avec des livres) ou de combiner les deux. Je suis un Américain vivant ici, à Paris. J'ai des horaires flexibles et des tarifs flexibles. Nous pouvons organiser des cours dans mon appartement, votre appartement ou un café. C'est comme vous le souhaitez. Il ya quelques librairies à Paris dans lequel vous pouvez ramasser tous les éléments essentiels dont vous aurez besoin pour les leçons. Commencez dès aujourd'hui!

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Infos pratiques sur Brittany

J'enseigne l'anglais, traduction - anglais.

Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.

Curriculum Vitae de Brittany

Brittany Elizabeth W. Morrison
26 Rue Pasteur, Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris
France 94200

Nationality: United States of America
Date of Birth: 05/Nov/1989
Place of Birth: Clermont-Ferrand, France

List of Work Experience (list beginning from most recent) :

Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
Fille Au Pair Anne and Rene Taboret 03 October 2012-current Paris, France

- I take care of a young boy in the hours after school and early evening
- I give him English lessons, take him to his after school activities, and prepare his evening meal.
- Occasionally I put him to bed while babysitting.
Objectives/ Lessons Learned:
- Patience
- Compassion for others
- Importance of sticking to a proper schedule/ timetable in order to get things completed in the allotted timeframe

Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
English Lessons/ Translator Self 15 Sept 2012-current Paris, France

- Lessons for children and adults in different levels of English
Objectives Learned:
-Patience: Learning to understand that some tasks that may be simple for some and at same time, be very difficult for others
- How to create lesson plans differently depending on the student so that my lessons can be most beneficial

Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
Event Planner Self 8 Sept 2011-July 2012 San Francisco California, Triangle Area, North Carolina, USA

-Meeting with Client to discuss desired event:
1.) Come up with a goal for the event, understanding properly vision of client
2.) Negotiate contract
3.) Set up budget
- Establish a team – decorators, catering, entertainment (if needed) etc.
- Networking and Marketing
- Finding sponsors (if needed)
- 3rd party suppliers
- Find and book venue
- Follow up on each member of team to make sure goals are being met and discuss problem they may be having

Objectives Learned:
- How to work in a fast paced environment
- How to create and manage a team and properly
- Networking and how to create contacts
- How to create legal contracts
- Organization and teamwork
- How to find a common ground between client and myself in which both parties are happy with the outcome

Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
Volunteer and Counselor Solidarites Jeunesses 07 Jan 2011- 31 Aug 2011 Beauvoisin, France

- Building houses, and stone walls by hand
- Motivating our volunteers to work together despite cultural differences
- Working with my group in order to establish a weekly and monthly schedule to achieve goals that were set by the mayors in different towns/ villages
- Organizing events in order to integrate in the societies around us; this may have been our own village that we lived in or the various other towns we worked in, in order to receive support from the communities the communities
- Creating a budget
- Planning activities to bring the volunteers together to teach them teamwork
Objectives Learned:
- How to work as a team
- Networking in communities, to receive support
- How to create a schedule and budget
- How to motivate others and accept criticism positively
- How to accept everyone and give people opportunity to strive
- Communication in the work environment
- Organization
Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
Waitress Red Onion Cafe, Fine Dining Boone, North Carolina USA

Objectives Learned:

Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
Waitress Black Cat Burrito Boone, North Carolina USA

- Beginning preparations for each shift
- Served guests
Objectives Learned:
- How to work in a fast paced environment

Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
Waitress Vincenzos, Italian Fine Dining Chatham County, North Carolina USA

- Preparing the dining room for the guests before the business opened
- Served guests
Objectives Learned:
- Learned an extensive wine list
- Restaurant management

Job Title Employed Under Duration Location
Child Watch YMCA Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

- Taking care of children between the ages of 6 months- 5 years old while their parents used the YMCA facilities
Objectives Learned:
- How to take care of very young children
- Patience


School Track of study Years Completed
Parsons Paris Strategic Design and Management Current School
Caldwell Community Fine Arts 2
UNC Chapel Hill Political Science .5
The Hawbridge School (High School) Common classes Graduated

I am a hard working person who will go to any lengths to get the job done. I take pride in my work. I believe being a well rounded person is very important. I display a positive attitude in the workplace at all times. I am analytical and I enjoy getting to the bottom of subjects and information. I live a very structured and organized life.
Hobbies/ Interests:
-art: painting, fashion design, drawing, welding, going to museums, exhibits, and fashion shows
- traveling exploring different cultures and ways of life
-reading articles on subjects of interest and historical documentaries
-hiking, camping and sports

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