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Souhaitez-vous apprendre l'anglais? // Would you like to learn English? 20/h
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Souhaitez-vous apprendre l'anglais? // Would you like to learn English?

Je suis actuellement la politique et la diplomatie stagiaire à Paris, en France jusqu'au mois d'août de l'année prochaine, et que vous souhaitez engager mon temps en dehors de mon stage pour enseigner l'anglais.

J'étais un Speech and Drama et en anglais en tant que professeur de langues étrangères aux étudiants de toute l'Asie, et j'ai vécu en Malaisie, la Suisse, l'Irlande et maintenant en France, et je suis des gens sympathiques, ouverts et réceptifs à partir de toutes les cultures et de milieux. J'ai étudié les relations internationales et diplomatie (science politique) et a complété un certificat TESOL l'an dernier, avec une spécialisation en Éducation des adultes en anglais. Je parle aussi couramment trois langues, à savoir l'anglais, l'allemand et le malais et j'apprends le français cette année.

J'étais un conférencier et orateur, et a participé à de nombreux concours - je peux vous aider, surtout si vous avez besoin d'aide avec une présentation en anglais, ou si vous avez besoin de faire un discours en anglais. Je suis très familier avec les apprenants de nouvelles langues, et ont été un nouvel apprenant moi bien des fois (et encore aujourd'hui!) Alors je peux comprendre ce que vous allez à travers, et je vais être patient avec vous et vous aider à apprendre le mieux vous pouvez, dans une méthode qui vous convient le mieux.

Je suis libre en semaine après 14 heures - les offres sont sur un premier arrivé, premier servi. Je tiens à commettre mon temps à seulement 2 ou 3 élèves par semaine pour que je puisse leur donner toute mon attention.

Merci, et j'espère avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt!



I'm 23, currently a politics & diplomacy intern in Paris, France until August next year, and would like to commit my time outside of my internship to teach English.

I was a Speech & Drama and English as a Foreign Language teacher to students from all over Asia, and I've lived in Malaysia, Switzerland, Ireland and now in France, and am friendly, open-minded and receptive to people from all cultures and backgrounds. I studied International Relations and Diplomacy (Political Science) and completed a TESOL Certificate last year, with a specialisation in Teaching Adults English. I also speak three languages fluently, namely English, German and Malay and am learning French this year.

I was a public speaker and orator, and participated in many competitions – I can help you especially if you need help with a presentation in English, or if you need to give a speech in English. I'm very familiar with learners of new languages, and have been a new learner myself many a time (even now!) so I can understand what you are going through, and I will be patient with you and help you learn as best as you can, in a method that suits you best.

I am free on the weekdays after 2 p.m. – offers are on a first come, first served basis. I would like to commit my time to only 2 or 3 students per week so that I can give them my full attention.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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J'enseigne l'anglais.

Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.

Curriculum Vitae de Sharmin


2010 (May – August)
Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Kuala Lumpur

Duties and Responsibilities:
Imparting skills of the English language through the Integrated English Programme (IEP) which consists of modules which systematically address the four dimensions of language, which include listening, speaking, reading and writing. The framework of each module includes;
• Grammar Structure and Use of Language Activities – The activities allow students to practise grammar and communication skills in tandem. The modules are formulated in a unique eclectic and communicative classroom teaching environment. The primary aim of the programme is for students to communicate meaningfully in English, while recognising the undeniable interdependence of grammar and communication.
• Skills Development Session (SDS) – A close-textbook session which emphasises the language skills of speaking and listening.
• Language and Media Lab Activities – A pronunciation skills development session which teaches the 52 basic sounds of English. The variety of minimal pair discrimination exercises for all 52 phonemes presented provides ample instruction, practice, and reinforcement for students looking to improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation.

2010 (January – February)
Position: INTERN
Amnesty International Malaysia
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Administrative work as well as liaising with over 200 members of Amnesty International Malaysia’s network with regards to activities planned around Amnesty International Malaysia’s 2010 Strategic Plan encompassing the following issues;
o Combating impunity & strengthening police accountability
o The promotion and protection of migrants and refugees
o Advancing economic, social and cultural rights
o Combating gender discrimination and violence against women
o Working towards the reformation of restrictive laws in Malaysia and the abolishment of the death penalty
o Campaigning to end human rights violations in other countries as part of Amnesty International Malaysia’s international solidarity work
o Fostering a human rights culture in Malaysia through human rights education at the grassroots
• Assisting with the organisation of the ‘Women Reclaim the Night’ event held on 9 March 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its objectives include;
o To raise awareness on issues in the Demand Dignity campaign which specifically affects the security, poverty and exclusion of women
o To rally Malaysians to celebrate the diversity of Malaysian women and engage in issues affecting them
o To hand over memo with strategies to improve street safety for women to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the Municipal Council of Kuala Lumpur
***Withdrawal from Amnesty International Malaysia internship on 23 February 2010 on bereavement grounds

2009/2010 (December – April)
Neverending Story (Outsourcer of teachers to; (i) Sri KDU Primary & Secondary School, Kota Damansara & (ii) Garden International School, Mont Kiara), Kuala Lumpur
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Making exaggerated use of stories, props, gestures, voice, music, gags, and metaphors to teach and reach. Broadcasting a range of facial expressions and using animated gestures so that students pick up important learning points easily and are able to retain information for longer periods.
• Teaching using the 6-step Out Of The Box Module (VOICES), which encompass (i) Vision Formation, whereby students are enrolled into a vision-making process that empowers them to form their own goals vis-à-vis the goals in the classroom; (ii) Opportunities, whereby opportunities are presented in order for the students to be able to achieve their goals; (iii) Imagination, whereby students are to improve the quality of their thoughts in order to incubate numerous possible ideas and solutions; (iv) Composition and Celebration, whereby students compose ideas that translate into performances to celebrate learning throughout the term; (v) Entertain and Enlighten, whereby students transform what they have learned and present it to an audience and finally; (vi) Self-Assessment, whereby students reflect on their achievements and challenges and move to the next learning stage (Classroom Stage – Performance Stage – World Stage)

Course: BA in International Relations (Bachelor Honour’s Degree)
Duration: September 2008 – June 2009 (First Undergraduate Year)
Completed Modules for the Academic Year 2008/2009:
• Introduction to Politics
• Introduction to International Relations
• Core Skills and Methods for International Relations
• Intermediate German
• Introduction to European Integration
• Public International Law
• Introduction to International Political Economy
• Understanding the Global System

Overall Result for Academic Year 2008/2009: 2nd Class Honours, Grade One (#4 out of 39 in Merit Order)
Other achievements in Academic Year 2008/2009: Highest scorer in Public International Law Moot

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