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Native English Speaker, experienced in private lessons for professional and personal learning 20/h
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Native English Speaker, experienced in private lessons for professional and personal learning

I am a native English speaker, new to Nantes. I have a university degree in French and English literature. I have several years of experience of giving private English lessons to people of different levels of English, and people learning English for different reasons. I speak fluent french.

The style of the lessons will depend very much on what you want, as I always tailor my lessons to meet individual needs. I can work with beginners, help you improve informal conversation for travel, or professional vocabulary for work. Everything will depend on your level of English, and what you want to get out of the lessons.

Every individual is different, and as such, learns differently. The advantage of having an individual lesson is that I will get to know you, and know how you learn best. Based of this knowledge, I will make lessons in a style which suit your method of learning, so that you can get the most out of these lessons.

I will give a discount for Students, and a discount if you want two lessons per week, or a two hour lesson.

Infos pratiques sur Clare

J'enseigne l'anglais. Pour les niveaux primaire, collège, seconde, première, terminale, BTS, supérieur, formation pour adultes, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, autre formation professionnelle, débutant, intermédiaire, avancé.

Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.

Je donne des cours par Webcam.

Je me suis connectée, ce mois-ci.

Expériences de Clare

I have been giving private lessons for to years, and worked with around 10 students. I have helped high school children improve their English for the classroom, and have helped several people improve their English for work. I have also given English lessons to people who simply wish to improve their English for fun, and to improve their general level of communication.

I have had positive feedback from former students saything they felt that my English lessons helped the suceed in Job interviews, or in the school exams, as well a noticing a general all over improvment in confidence of expression in English.

Curriculum Vitae de Clare

I have a degree in English and French. I have experience working at University and Primary school levels with students of different level on English in France.

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