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Italien for beginners in Paris: initiation to Italian language, culture, cuisine and geographt for travelling 15/h
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Italien for beginners in Paris: initiation to Italian language, culture, cuisine and geographt for travelling

I am 27 and Italian, energy engineer and gymnast. I have lived/studied/worked in Italy, Denmark, Uk and now France.

I am eager to share my knowledge of the Italian culture and language with you, because after my years abroad I finally understood what being Italian means. How it differs from other countries and cultures and what is the best way to dive into it.

This course is for everyone that is eager to discover Italy and its beautiful language.

I prefer a course that is fun and maybe less based on grammar rules and exercises. The best way is listening, repeating and doing conversation on multiple topics of interest.

So my method will be talking in Italian, listening to Italian music and videos and making you repeat and understand. The focus is on what you want to improve and the subjects you desire to explore more.

Infos pratiques sur Leonardo

J'enseigne l'italien. Pour les niveaux débutant, intermédiaire, avancé.

Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.

Je me suis connecté, ce mois-ci.

Expériences de Leonardo

Italian is fun and not difficult. I taught it to friends and colleagues (around 6 people) over the past 3 years abroad.
They all became passionate about Italy and eventually went travelling to the places in Italy I come from and I talked them about.

Now they have a different and more genuine view of Italy, and know that Italian people are not only about Pizza..there is also pasta! Just kidding, I love stereotypes.

Curriculum Vitae de Leonardo

I am highly educated with a 6 year Master in Engineering and a long education in Italian languages (5 years at Liceo level).

I have a proper clean Italian, no dialect or accent and I know the correct diction.

My passion to share and teach come from my mum, English teacher.
My skills in teaching to people come for years of volunteering since I was a student in intercultural environment.

I know hot to do non-formal education.

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