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First Class English : specialist, individualised training & coaching - online or face-to-face

Whether you are an individual or institutional client, I offer you a bespoke service providing quality English language training that meets your needs so you can live an outstanding and remarkable professional and personal life enjoying speaking effective English as a second or third language.

I can help you achieve your goals. As an English language coach and trainer, I specialise in one to one sessions for focused business professionals and students together with language intensives for groups targeting specific business skills – negotiations, presentations, meetings and conferences.

Client particulier ou institutionnel, je vous offre un service sur mesure pour en fournissant une formation linguistique de haute qualité à mes clientes, afin qu'ils puissent vivre, formidable et remarkable dans votre vie personnelle et professionnelle, comme deuxième ou troisième langue.

Monthly fees are 45€ an hour. Student discount 40€ an hour.

I have a range of packages:

12 hour package, 2.5% discount = 526,00€ with student discount 468,00€ paid in full in advance - hours to be used within 3 months

30 hour package, with 5 % discount = 1,179,00€ with student discount 1,140,00€ - payment plan 50% in advance 50% hour 15 of 30 - hours to be used within 6 months

40 hour package, with 7.5% discount =1,648,00€ with student discount 1,480,00€ - payment plan 3 cheques, dated in advance - hours to be used within 1 year

Clients who prefer to book occasional sessions on request pay 75,00€ for a 1.5 hour session.

Group courses can be arranged.

Online sessions receive an additional discount.

Cancellation policy : please notify in advance - cancellations received within 48 hrs of session will be charged, except in exceptional circumstances

J'enseigne la culture générale, la psychologie, les relations internationales, la communication. Pour les niveaux collège, seconde, première, terminale, BTS, supérieur, formation pour adultes, débutant, intermédiaire, avancé.
Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.
Je donne des cours par Webcam.

Expériences d'Amanda

My professional background embraces over 25 years in adult education and training, business development, human potential development and theatre arts for cultural evolution. I have taught at business schools and Universities in Australia, USA, Canada, Portugal and the UK. My work as a consultant, trainer, coach and mediator in businesses and corporations has allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges within business locally and globally.
As an English language and communication specialist, I teach and coach students through IELTS, TOEIC, BEC and ILEC examinations with successful results.
One of my special skills is coaching clients to improve their confidence and their accent - I was born in England and have a Cambridge English accent, coloured by my years living in 6 different countries. My theatre training and skills assist me when helping a client to understand English pronunciation and develop a clear speaking English voice.
My methods utilise multimedia and experiential, dynamic practice, based on a solid framework of grammar, vocabulary expansion and idiomatic language across speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.
Facebook: FirstClassEnglishCoachingTraining

Curriculum Vitae d'Amanda

CEO Frost & Co - First Class English, Amanda Frost Coaching & Counselling, 9 Lives Consulting.
CELTA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (Cambridge University ESOL):International House, Lisbon, Portugal
Diploma General Education of Adults: Australian Educational and Vocational Training Institute
Certified Train the Trainer: Australian Catholic University
Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training Cat. 2: AEVTI
Certificate IV Small Business Management: TAFE Sydney
Certified Conflict Coach: Cinergy Coaching, Toronto, Canada
Certified NLP Process Oriented Coaching AEVTI/Inspiritive, Sydney, Australia
Certified Six Advisors Coach: 6 Advisors Coaching Academy, Bountiful, UT, USA
Diploma Process Oriented Psychology: Institute Process Oriented Psychology Portland USA
Graduate Diploma Applied Social Science (Counselling Psychology): Australian College Applied Psychology, Sydney, Australia
Diploma Theatre Arts (Drama, Dance & Social

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