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Expert, Creative and Widely Experienced English Tutor Available To Better You or Your Children!

A brief account of my academic experience, before some personal details and how I can help you or your children toward vastly better marks and a mastery of your English studies!

I received the highest mark in the world in the 2006 Cambridge (AS Level) English Language examinations, winning a prized scholarship to study at Auckland University. During my English, Law and Sociology degrees, I have been a multi-award winning student and the highest achieving student within the Sociology department of that University.While studying, I was employed by Auckland University as a tutor in both Sociology and English, through to the most advanced undergraduate level. I am a highly competent scholar, and an experienced tutor. I am an expert in essay revision, currently working with several Sciences Po students here in Paris and enabling them to fulfill their potential in English writing.

Beyond my academic history, I am from a family of five children, and have extensive personal and professional experience in engaging with children, both in Paris and in New Zealand.

I am living in central Paris completing a volume of poetry before beginning postgraduate studies in English Literature in the U.S, where I have been accepted into a prestigious writing program. Thus, I am practiced both in technical and creative writing, as well as theoretical tradition.

I am a friendly young man, with a wide range of proven scholarship that has been applied in tutoring students of all ages and stages of students.

Whether it is undergraduate essay revision in order to strengthen your degree, cultural conversation with a native speaker who can vastly improve your vocabulary and delivery, or fun and creative learning for your children, I can help you!

J'enseigne la culture générale, la sociologie.
Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.

Curriculum Vitae de Michael

"Top in World" Cambridge University AS Examinations (98% English Language, 96% English Literature),
"Top in Semester 'Book Awards'" x 3 (consecutively) in Sociology at University of Auckland, New Zealand,
8.5 (out of a possible 9) GPA, equalling an above A average in English and Sociology at University of Auckland throughout degree,
Double Major Arts Degree (English, Sociology) at the University of Auckland,
Third Year Law student at University of Auckland,
Enrolled for next year at Rutgers, New Brunswick University in New Jersy, USA (in English Writing Studies).

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