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English Speaking Lessons from a US Native Speaker - Boulogne - Billancourt 20/h
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English Speaking Lessons from a US Native Speaker - Boulogne - Billancourt

Hello, my name is Sandra and I recently moved here to Paris from New York City. I am a recent college graduate from a prestigious design school in Brooklyn, New York. Although I was trained as a designer, I also do creative writing and I am currently writing a memoir. Thus, it gives me a good handle to teach anyone who would like to read and speak english. I would like to first teach the basics of english but believe that english spoken on the streets are important as well.

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J'enseigne l'anglais, l'anglais américain. Pour les niveaux primaire, collège, seconde, première, terminale, BTS, supérieur, débutant, intermédiaire.

Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.

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The length of my lessons would be about from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the student. I have yet to train anyone but would love to be given an opportunity to start. Although it is not written on paper, I have assisted many of my peers, those of whom do not have a good handle on english, in writing their school papers and essays.

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I have a Bacherlors, of 4 years, in Communications Design, focusing on Graphic Design and Advertising. Because of my studies and my time in the US, I can effectively teach someone business english as well as native speaking.

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