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Cours d'Anglais avec un proffeseur Américaine (Skype or In-person) 20/h
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Cours d'Anglais avec un proffeseur Américaine (Skype or In-person)

Apprenez à parler anglais comme un Américain!!

- Progresser en anglais avec un professeur certifié TEFL

- Converser avec un professeur natif des États-Unis

- Leçons adaptées tous niveaux et âges

- Progrès rapides garantis !

Let's Start TODAY!


My name is Roxanne and I am an American English teacher. I love teaching English and am happy to offer skype as well as in-person lessons. My lessons are tailor-made to fit each individual student's needs and level.

Feel free to contact me via email to start learning English today!

Le prix sera dégressif si le cours est collectif

Infos pratiques sur DIAZ

J'enseigne l'anglais.

Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.

Curriculum Vitae de DIAZ

TEFL Toulouse - TEFL Certificate, November 2012
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- B.A. Biology, B.A. Political Science. May 2011
Cary High school. June 2007

Bilingua - Toulouse, FR
In-house English Teacher. Mar 2013-Present
• Work as in-house teacher within ND Logistics, Toulouse
• Provide individualized lessons for employees in varied positions throughout the company
• Offer lessons which relate specifically to each position within the company in order for employees to communicate effectively with their English speaking counterparts

Cours Legendre - Toulouse, FR
Private English Tutor. Feb 2013-Present
• Provide tutoring for individuals or small groups
• Aid students in improving their English through personalized lesson plans to fit each students needs and level

Lycée Ozenne - Toulouse, FR
English Teacher. Feb 2013-Mar 2013
• Create lessons which stimulate adolescent learners during their vacation
• Facilitate a learning environment in which students can actively participate
• Encourage students utilize their English skills in conversational settings

TEFL Toulouse - Toulouse, FR
English Teacher. Feb 2013-Mar 2013
• Design creative and didactic lessons that are tailored to fit the genre of students present
• Teach non-English speakers from various backgrounds, needs, and abilities
• Direct classroom activities and maintain an interesting learning environment

TEFL Toulouse-Toulouse, FR
Teacher in Training. Oct 2012-Nov2012
• Through my intensive training course, I learned the most effective ways of teaching English as a foreign language
• Taught non-English speakers with varying age range
• Taught students varying from beginner to upper-intermediate levels of English

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